You need to complete enhanced verification in order to increase withdrawal limit (daily limit:1,000,000 DAI).

To perform enhanced verification, please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to [Account] page and click on [Enhanced Verification].

2. Select nationality
Click on [Start ID Verification], select your nationality, and [Passport]. GOPAX.COM does not support some regions and some nationals are limited to OTP Authentication only. Please refer to the below link for more information.

[Membership requirements]

3. Choose how to submit files

You need to submit the files below to complete enhanced verification.

(1) A photo of the personal information page of your passport

(2) A photo of you holding your passport (showing the personal information page) and a handwritten memo (GOPAX.COM, today's date)

*We only accept international passport for identification purpose. Other forms of IDs (ex. own national ID, driving license, etc.) are not accepted.

Click [Upload file from your device] to upload files. If you have a camera connected to your device, you may also choose [Capture image with your device camera], Please ensure that Jumio has access to your camera.

4. Submit photo of your passport personal information page

Please make sure you follow the requirements below when submitting the photo of your passport. If the documents you submitted do not match our requirements, it may be denied or revoked.

After uploading or taking a snapshot, click [Confirm] to submit for verification.

(1) Please ensure your passport is valid.

Enhanced verification may fail if your passport is expired (date of ticket submission) or you use another form of identification.

(2) Please ensure that all information on this page is clear and legible.

- Capture the image in a bright location.
- Capture the entire outline of the passport.
- Access to our service may be permanently denied when we detect forgeries.


5. Submit photo of you holding ID and a handwritten memo (GOPAX.COM, today's date)
To verify your identification, we require a photo of you holding your passport in the personal information page, as well as a handwritten note. 
This is only used for identification purposes. Verifying your identity helps improve the security of your account. 
Enhanced verification may be denied or revoked if the photo does not match the listed requirements below.

① Your face: We require a sharp image taken in a bright place. Please ensure that nothing is blocking the full view of your face.
② Passport: Your personal information should be clearly visible.
③ Ha
ndwritten memo: Please write "GOPAX.COM" +  today's date

For example, if today is 23rd of January 2018, please write "GOPAX.COM 1/23/2018".

Affix the memo to your passport while you hold it next to your face. All text on your memo should be legible.

We do not accept photos taken on the date before submission.


6. Complete the process

It may take several minutes for the system to verify the files. Please do not close your window.

After verification, click on [Confirm] to complete the process.
If the image you submitted is denied, please try again and make sure the above requirements are met.

Once all documents have been submitted, it may take up to 7 days to internally process your request. You can check the status of your enhanced verification on the [Account] page. If the documents you submitted do not match our requirements, it may be denied or revoked even after passing Enhanced Verification.

Please submit a request ticket to our Help Desk under [Enhanced verification (Jumio)] if you have any problems with enhanced verification.