Your OTP/2FA authentication might not work properly because of the time set in your mobile device and the server are not in sync. Please refer to the guide below and re-sync your mobile device.

OTP sync error solutions:

Please make sure that you have OTP app (Google Authenticator) installed on your mobile device. If it is not installed, follow the link below to download it from the relevant app store.
[OTP Installation Guide]



Step 1: Go to the main menu of OTP/2FA application

Step 2: Click on "Settings"

Step 3: Click on "Time correction for codes"

Step 4: Click on "Sync now"

[iOS (Apple iPhone)]

Step 1: Click on "Settings"

Step 2: Click on "General"

Step 3: Click on "Date & Time"

Step 4: Turn on "Set Automatically"

Step 5: If it is already turned on, please wait a few seconds before turning it on again