1. Log in to GOPAX.COM.
2. In the [Dashboard] page, find the coin you want to deposit and click [Deposit].

3. You can confirm your wallet address here, or you may need to click on [Create deposit address] to generate a new wallet address. 
If you have previously generated a wallet address, you do not need to generate a new one. Your Wallet address can be inserted either by using the QR Code, or by clicking on [Copy wallet address] and inserting this GOPAX wallet address into another exchange or wallet service. The nature of cryptocurrency means all transactions are final, please confirm your wallet address and/or Memo ID before depositing your funds.

4. It will take a while for your transferred funds to show up in your GOPAX.COM wallet. You can check the status of deposits under the [History] page.


  • Please deposit coins to their corresponding wallet address. For example, only deposit Bitcoins in your Bitcoin wallet address. If you deposit the wrong Coin into a wallet, you may lose your precious assets.
  • GOPAX.COM only supports crypto transactions and trades. We do not service trades in USD, CNY, EURO, YEN or any fiat currencies.
  • After requesting deposit, the transaction will be fully handled by the blockchain network. Transactions may be delayed if the blockchain network is congested with many transactions and GOPAX.COM unfortunately cannot resolve the problem.
  • Stella Lumen, Mobius, Steem Dollar and select coins require you to insert your Memo ID alongside your wallet address. Transactions will not go through if you fail to enter your Memo ID.