1. Log in to GOPAX.COM.

2. Find the name of the coin you want to withdraw on [Dashboard] page. Click [Withdrawal].

3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw. Withdrawal cannot be processed if the amount is below the minimum withdrawal limit. 
Please click the link below for minimum withdrawal limits for each coin.

[Minimum withdrawals]

4. Check the fee and the total withdrawal amount.

5. Select a destination address. If you need to add new destination addresses, click [Manage Wallet], then click [Add Address]. Enter a nickname and address of the new wallet, and then click [Next]. Enter 6-digit OTP code generated on Google Authenticator APP to complete the process.

※ Warning

  • The nature of cryptocurrency means all transactions are final, please confirm your wallet address and/or Memo ID before transferring your funds. 

  • Please check that all the information (destination address, etc.) is correct before withdrawing coins. 

  • If you sent your coins to a wrong address, GOPAX.COM will not be able to recover the coins due to anonymity of the blockchain, so please contact the administrator or the owner of the destination address regarding the issue.

6. Click [OTP Authentication] button at the bottom. Enter 6-digit OTP code generated on Google Authenticator APP, then click [Request withdrawal].

7. Check withdrawal amount, fee and destination address on the withdrawal summary page.

8. The transaction status and transaction ID (TxID) of the withdrawal request is displayed on Trade History page.