1. Log in to GOPAX.COM.

2. Click [Helpdesk] at the bottom of the main page.

3. Click [Submit a ticket].

4. Select a ticket type. Please make sure to select the correct ticket type. You may see different required fields depending on the ticket type. Our response may be delayed if you submit the ticket under different type and category.

5. Fill out the required fields thoroughly. Please make sure you inform us of accurate information and files, otherwise the processing of your ticket will be delayed.

6. Fill out ticket subjet and description.

7. Click [Submit] to submit your ticket.

* We respond to tickets in the order of urgency. We will do our best to handle your requests as soon as possible.
* If you have additional files you want to submit for a ticket that has already been submitted, please click [View ticket history] on Helpdesk page and click on the ticket you want to add files to. 
Click [Reply] button then click [+Attach a file] to attach more files.